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Копирам „мнения“ на Столман:

Non-free software is available on the net, and people can find and
install it.  I think that is unethical, .....
Putting the non-free software in a separate folder or labeling it is
not enough.  That is what Debian does, and that's why I don't
recommend Debian.  Likewise, that's what Ubuntu does nowadays, which
is why I don't recommend Ubuntu.  Gobuntu does the same thing -- the
non-free repositories are disabled by default, but a dialog box
offersthe chance to enable them.  So I don't recommend Gobuntu either.
The right thing to do is kick out the non-free softwre entirely.  I
tried for years to persuade Debian to do that, and eventually I gave
up on them.  I tried to talk with the Ubuntu developers about this,
too, and did not succeed.  All I can do is not recommend those
I will ask the person who maintains the directory (free software directory) to remove Linux
or else point to a free version of it.
What's really going on is that you are helping them use the non-free
software, which grants it legitimacy.  That is what I object to. (относно обънбсд проекта)
 Ubuntu does many things that suggest installing non-free software.  I
did not know about this example, but I know of others which are worse.
That is why I refuse to recommend Ubuntu.
Freedom means having control of your own life; "Freedom of choice" is
a partly accurate and partly misleading way to describe that, and
taking that expression too literally leads to mistaken conclusions.
Thus, I say I advocate "freedom" -- not "freedom of choice".
Even giving the URLs has the effect of referring people to those
non-free programs.  It gives those non-free programs legitimacy,
and thus contradicts the idea that "software should be free".
 Do you believe that The Pirate Bay is guilty of copyright infringement?

That is a legal question, not an ethical question.  I do not know what
the law of any given country would say about the Pirate Bay.  You
would need to ask a lawyer.

Instead of that legal question, we could ask an ethical question: is
The Pirate Bay's activity right or wrong?

In general, I think people have a moral right to share copies of
published works, so I see no reason to criticize the Pirate Bay in
general.  However, I would not recommend that as a place to look for
software, both because some of the software might be non-free, and for
security reasons.

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